Overdrive 50-Day New Years Challenge

2013 Overdrive 50-Day New Years Challenge(January 11 – February 28)

Rather than have a Paleo Challenge, we thought that it would be more fun to have a few different things to stay on top of over the course of the New Year. So, here it is:

Teams of 2, $40 entry fee
-If teams complete the challenge without dropping out, they automatically receive $20 back
-Rest of $$ go into prize pool
-Only one winner will be determined

You will be scored on the following:
1. WOD attendance(3x/week = 1 pt, 2x/week = 3 pts, 1x/week = 5 pts) You will have a score for each week
2. 50-Day burpee Challenge(Day 1 = 1 burpee, day 2 = 2 burpees…day 50 = 50 burpees)
*This is by honor system and we trust you are ALL respectable and honest people!
Completed = 5 pts, Incomplete = 20 pts
3. Paleo/Zone recipe submission(2 recipes/week, so only 1/week/team member…easy!)
14 recipes = 7 pts, 8+ = 15 pts, 4+ = 25 pts
4. Before and After bodyweight/fat%
We will be looking for the biggest difference in body weight to fat ratio achieved. So body composition change will be key!

Entry deadline is Thursday Jan.10 by end of evening. All weigh-ins and registration must be submitted by this time. Whiteboard sign-up will be available Tuesday morning. No late entries unless you have spoken to Coach M.
Looking forward to getting this year off to a fun start!