Monday – 112612

Real life farmers carry!
Real life farmers carry!


This past weekend, amidst the crazy Black Friday Canada shopping madness, I unexpectedly got myself into a couple of situations where I applied Crossfit training to real life scenarios :
1. The first one(picture above) was performing a functional farmers carry with two shopping bags. Now you may not think that this is much compared to last week’s “Running Weston” WOD, but having to carry them for 30-40 minutes all throughout the mall sure made it feel like I was working!
2. Grace took me to the furniture aisle where she pointed to 2 cube ottomans sitting on the top shelf. At first glance, I realized that they were very high up and that a set of portable stairs were required. Then, I saw a packaged box which looked sturdy that measured approximately 36″…yes, I performed a box jump to get me high enough in order to get the goods!

Skills Practice : All movements in WOD
SWOD : Back Squats
5-5-5(Warm up to ~80% 5 RM, then start sets)
CWOD : Three rounds for time of
10 Weighted toes-to-bar, 10/6 pound ball
Row 200 meters with straight legs
10 Rower-facing burpees
Row 200 meters with straight arms

*Today’s WOD focuses on breaking down the rowing technique and how it transfers to Olympic lifting.