Monday – 111912

We want to extend a huge shout out to everyone who came over to Victoria over the weekend for the annual Taranis Winter Challenge competition! It was an amazing weekend to be a part of as we saw our athletes overcome many fears of competition and going on to establish PRs in snatching and even completing movements unknown to them(ex. fat bar single arm deadlifts and skipping inside a caged area). Everyone battled hard and represented well showing that there is nothing that we can’t do! I am so proud and happy to have had the opportunity to coach you all. You are a special group of people!
Congrats to Coach Vik who made it into the top 20, and finished seconds from advancing into the top 8! Congrats to our Overdrive B team(Quadz,Phantom,Puddles,and Cheeky) for advancing into the final day and narrowly missing out on the quarter-finals as they just lost to the eventual 3rd place team by those damn caged up DUs! Congrats to our Overdrive A team(Kuch,Jacky,Knappster,Insaney) for battling through without Grace(thanks Janey for stepping in on short notice!!) and quickly finding some team chemistry!
Most importantly, thank you to all of our supporters who made the trip out and lost their voices cheering us all on! We really have an amazing community here at Overdrive and words cannot express how much it means to me. So, this leads me to say that courtesy of our media team(Bieber, Bons, Komet, Insaney, and Phylicia), let a picture(or lots of pictures!) be worth a thousand words! Coming very soon….
Coach M

Monday Lesson Plan
Skills Practice : Pistols
SWOD : Snatch Complex
Snatch DL, Snatch, OHS
CWOD : 20 min AMRAP of
400 m run, then
3 rds of
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats