Thursday – 111512

Today marks the end of our 30 Day Fall Paleo Challenge! Congratulations to everyone who participated in this journey to find a healthier lifestyle. Many of you have been very dedicated and found delicious recipes to turn this challenge into a fun and exciting new way of eating! I am confident to say that each and every one of you are winners for opening up your minds to be educated in a nutritional sense. All “after” pictures and weigh-ins to be taken by the end of today. If you do not come in to have your picture taken, we will assume that you have dropped out of the challenge. “Helen” will be tested on Friday(Thursday for those going on Taranis trip).

Taranis athletes and fan club : Meet at the box Friday morning 7:45 am, we will take the 9 am ferry from Tsawassen.
Box will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

Skills Practice : Hollow Rocks
Mobility : Front Rack
SWOD : Power Cleans
CWOD : 10 min AMRAP of
Row 1000 m, then with remaining time:
10 Deadlift(BW)
15 Box Jumps(24/20″)