Tuesday – 111312


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The Thruster and its benefits
Barbell thrusters are one of the best exercises to perform with a barbell. This exercise is a full front squat into a push press (or assisted shoulder press). What is especially nice with barbell thrusters is they add additional work to your upper body while performing the best known lower body exercise. The front squat in particular is also safer than the back squat, being able to just push the weight off of your shoulders if the load is too much.

Anybody looking for full body development should be looking into this exercise. Legs, core, shoulders, triceps, and forearms are all worked in this exploding movement. This is key because in order to work out all of these muscles, one would have to spend at least 30-40 minutes using at least 5-8 different exercises to work all of those muscles. With this exercise, we can obtain the same results in just 5 minutes with 1 exercise. This is a time-saver beyond belief.(That’s why we all Crossfit, to forge elite fitness efficiently!)

Skills Practice : TTB technique
SWOD : Squat Clean Thruster
Work up to a heavy single in 10 minutes
CWOD : Seven rounds for time of
75/55 pound Thruster, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
Run 200 meters with a 20/14 pound medicine ball