Monday – 110512

Paleo Challenge : Day 22
How is everyone doing?? Just under 10 days to go before determining who will be splitting the prize pool of almost $500! Stay strong and keep up the good nutrition. As coach M has learned(and continues to learn), the best way to stay on track is to never go off track!!

Overdrive Christmas Party 2012
The Christmas party has been booked for Saturday December 15th for 7 pm at the Mad Greek Restaurant in Richmond(a few blocks away from the box). Please RSVP to the Facebook event as soon as possible so we know whether or not to add to our reservation. You are welcome to bring your significant others too. We will party the night away with our kick-ass community, starting at the restaurant and then taking it elsewhere for those that are interested. The holidays are all about great times with family and friends…yes, that means all of you!

Mobility : Hips and ankles
Skills Practice : Warm-up the hang squat clean
SWOD : Front Squat
CWOD : 5-10-15-10-5 reps of
Hang Squat Cleans(135/95)
Suitcase Lunges(20/12 kg KBs, reps are per leg)
Push-Ups with hand release