Tuesday – 101612

PALEO CHALLENGE : DAY 2(We have 25 official competitors! Good luck to you all as you embark on this journey…make sure to keep interactive on the Facebook page daily!)


The liver and kidneys work together to expel toxins that result from your body’s metabolism of foods and drinks. These functions are of primary importance to overall health and longevity. Enhancing the detoxifying functions of the liver and kidneys is something that should be considered by every person seeking optimal health and vitality. From dietary enhancements to other lifestyle adjustments, the liver and kidneys can function at their best.

Step 1
Sip eight 8-oz. glasses of cool, filtered water throughout each day. Avoid large amounts of water at meals. Hydration is vital to many aspects relating to health, but the liver and kidneys require water to process material optimally.

Step 2
Avoid using any artificial sweeteners other than Stevia. These chemically altered substances are toxic to the liver and kidneys and cause hypoglycemia and fatigue, suggests WomensFitness.net. Instead, enjoy healthier sweeteners such as agave, honey, fruit juices or molasses.

Step 3
Eliminate preserved meats and packaged and processed food products as much as possible. These food items are laden with toxic preservatives, yet still host many unfriendly bacteria that can greatly affect the function of the liver and kidneys. Eat fresh, seasonal vegetables that have been farmed organically, and eat protein sources that are free-range and grass-fed, as the liver understands the ingredients and functions efficiently in processing them.

Step 4
Take a daily dietary supplement of milk thistle and dandelion root in tablet or capsule form, as directed on the label. An active constituent in milk thistle called flavanolignans, or collectively called silymarin, protects the liver cells from damage and cell death due to chemical toxins.

Lesson Plan
Skills Practice : Sotts Press, L-Sit variations, Handstand walking
SWOD : OHS 5-5-5
CWOD : 3 rounds for time of
15 Burpees
200 m sprint