Monday – 100112

Couple of announcements :
1. Today is the first day of October basecamp! Looking forward to some new additions to the Overdrive community!
2. Taranis trip is scheduled for Nov. 16-18. Make sure to indicate on the whiteboard sign-up whether you will be coming to Victoria so we can start booking hotel rooms ASAP!
3. Fall 30-day Paleo Challenge will start next week! Goes from October 8 – November 8. Sign-up on whiteboard this week…details to come soon!
4. Review sessions : For those who still have not had their reveiw sessions done, Coach M will contact you to arrange your times. Our apologies for being on hiatus the past few weeks.

*Class times for Monday are : 11 am, 4 pm, 5:30 pm, 7 pm
MWOD : Calf and ankle mobility
SWOD : Back Squats
5-5-5(increase load from previous week, keeping same weight for all three sets)
CWOD : 5 km run
We will run this at the Minoru track, counting 12.5 laps around.