Thursday – 092712

Morning crew representing post "G.I. Jane"
Morning crew representing post "G.I. Jane"

*Reminder that there is a competitors meeting tonight at 8 pm for the Taranis Winter Challenge.

Skills Practice : Hollow Rocks and HSPU
SWOD : Split Jerk(off the rack)
*Increase loads each set, starting at ~65-70% of RM
CWOD : In 10 minutes row as far as possible. Starting when the clock starts (at time 0:00), do 6 STRICT handstand push ups (see below for scaling) every 2 minutes (at minute 0, 2, 4, 6, & 8). Get back to your rower and get as many more meters as possible before the next 2 minute interval.

If you “miss” a round because you are failing on HSPUs, just complete 6 total reps for those two rounds (or scale down!)

Advanced: head to floor strict no kipping, Intermediate*: kipping allowed, Novice: KB strict press with combined weight of KBs approximately 1/3 bodyweight

Record total meters covered.