Wednesday – 092612

The best community a coach could ask for!
The best community a coach could ask for!

What an amazing week for Overdrive! On top of winning the RPCFO Challenge, we have also qualified TWO teams for the Taranis Winter Challenge!! A big thanks to our athletes Kuch, Jacky, Quadz, Vik, Grace, Nikki, Puddles, and Cheeky. Also, thanks to our reserves and stand-bys Herbie, Phantom, and Insaney for giving them a push! Our dedication to elite fitness is paying dividends and we’re having lots of fun along the way! To the most kick-ass community, cheers!
*Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Taranis trip to Victoria, BC on November 16-18. Yes, please book off the Friday to Saturday if you are planning on coming over! We will most likely leave early Friday morning and be back Sunday evening.

Skill practice : L-Pull-Ups
SWOD : Back Squats
CWOD : “G.I. Jane”
100 Burpee Pull-Ups for time