Tuesday – 092512

The Protein Balance

There seems to be a protein pendulum today.  On the one side, you have people who focus their diets on calories, as opposed to macro-nutrients.  The idea is, limit your calories, and weight loss ensues.  So, the person eats whatever they want, so long as a certain ceiling of calories isn’t reached. Often, this strategy is carb-rich.  To be fair, I get it.  I don’t want to be over-weight, either.  People are to be commended for at least trying something to improve themselves. But a low protein/high carb diet will force the body into a high-insulin, low-glucagon state.  Bottom line, this is state of body that lends itself to obesity, and diabetes, among other things, regardless of caloric intake.

On the other side, you have individuals who are so pro-protein, you’d figure that there is no other food on this planet.  They have found the latest, greatest protein supplements.  They drink egg-whites out of the carton (Gross.  Though I have done this.).  Protein is king because they want to gain muscle.  It’s all about muscle.  And hey, I get it.  I want to be huge too.  I then want to buy shirts that are one size too small, and contort myself into flexy poses throughout the day to show off my hugeness.  But eating too much protein with few carbs does us no good at all.  Excess protein in converted into fat.  So… you go off on protein to get your hugeness on, but your body says to you, “Sweet mother this is a lot of protein.  Whatsoever shall I do with this?”  It responds to itself in kind, “Ah. I shall store it as fat. For later.  Cuz who knows, right?”

Obviously, these extremes don’t cut it.  Number one, they are not practical, number two, they often don’t work.  So something must be missing here.  If limiting protein in the name of calories doesn’t make me lose weight, and eating protein in excess doesn’t make me gain muscle the way I want, then what’s the answer?

You probably could guess, it’s somewhere in the middle.

We prescribe the Zone Diet. The Zone prescribes a protein intake as being 30% of your daily munchiness.  It also prescribes not eating protein by itself.  Protein, carbs, and fat, all eaten in ratio’d quantities, which leads to hormonal balance, which leads to the body being able to accept and process the food you eat the way you want it to be accepted and processed. Which means the protein you eat will actually go to muscle building and restoration.  BOOM! Moderation leads to a better existence. 

Rest Day Options :
1. Make up Monday WOD
2. Snatch Practice
10 sets of 3 pos snatch
3. Work on goats
4. Mobilize, stretch, rest, and recover!