Thursday – 092012

Representing the early bird class!
Representing the early bird class!

Yesterday was a successful 1st early bird class. Just to remind everyone, it is open to basecamp as well, Wednesday and Friday at 7:15 am.

Each and every day that I walk through the box, I see so many of you getting stronger and more skilled at the technical stuff. I can’t say enough how proud it makes me and all the coaches here at Overdrive that you are all doing so well! High performance athletes are truly being engineered! 🙂

Skills practice : Butterfly swings
SWOD : Weighted Pull-Ups
*These are single max efforts, try not to kipp them if you don’t have to. Use KBs, and the weight vests for additional load.
CWOD : 5 rounds for time of
20 KB Swings(24/16)
15 Box Jumps(24/20)
10 Burpees