Friday – 091412

I hope everyone’s all rested and recovered from the wall balls and Hero WODs earlier this week! You have to love weeks like this where doesn’t hold back! Let’s kick off the weekend with a bodyweight WOD, then look forward to our traditional Saturday Team WODs!

We will announce our Taranis qualifier WODs team by Friday evening. Also, the Rocky Point Crossfit Overdrive Invitational is one week away and word is that most of the teams are made up(we still need a few more girls!!). The WODs won’t be revealed until the day of, however, a sneak peak of the movements involved may surface early next week 🙂

Skills Practice : Pistol progressions
SWOD : Back Squats
CWOD : 4 rounds for time of
3 rope ascents(15′)
30 Push-Ups
30 Sit-Ups
*Bring your long socks!

You can create. Or you can complain.

You can decide to make something in this world, or you can decide to destroy something in this world. But, be forewarned, the former is enormously harder than the latter. And enormously more rewarding.

When you create — whether it’s a program, an essay, a workout, an invention — you take a big risk, but you might get a big payoff. When you complain, you take little risk and … you get little payoff. You made little effort, right? So you don’t get shit. It’s an instance where life is supremely fair.
It takes far more effort to create, to try, to fail, to try again, to persevere. Complaining is over in a second — and so is its impact.

Complaining doesn’t last. It’s quick and cheap (and fun) but no one ever said: “Oh yeah! Remember that great bitching? I still use it today! Heck, my kids use it! Changed our fucking lives! Holy shit, imagine if we had never spent that minute yapping our traps! Imagine how small our lives would be without complaining!”

Work lasts. Complaining fades. There’s a reason.

Make your choice: create or complain.