Nutts Cup Weekend Overview

Thanks to Vanessa and Tiffany, here are their blog posts on last weekend’s Nutts Cup competition!

By Tiffany ‘Cheeky’ Cheong

On the weekend, Overdrive took part in the “Nutts Cup”. It’s a competition put on by CrossFit Vancouver in memory of one of their members, Andy Nuttal, who passed away while doing service in Afghanistan. Team AYCE (All You Can Eat) consisted of V-Fung (Vanessa), Marco, and Kuch (Dave). Team ADIDAC (All Day I Dream About CrossFit) had Bon-Crusher (Viktor), Jacky, and myself (Cheeky/Tiffany). We were ranked 39th and 40th out of 45 teams going into the competition. Some of the top teams had members that were ranked top five at Regionals and also competed at the Games in California, so needless to say, there were a lot of high level athletes there. But because this was a memorial tournament, the atmosphere was light and fun. Everyone was there to have a good time and it showed with teams having crazy costumes, a dunk tank set up outside, and a pool with water guns for the kids. However, because this was still a competition – once the WODs were posted – the game faces came out. We didn’t find out the WODs until the actual morning of the competition, so I was a bit nervous because in CrossFit , anything can happen. Lucky for us, the WODs involved movements and weights that all of our team members could do. The first and second WODs involved 200m runs with a 20lb medicine ball and snatches. It may not sound that bad, but trust me – those runs involved an incline and they got hard! We don’t have hills in Richmond. The third WOD happened a couple hours later and it involved heavy back squats, burpees, thrusters, ring dips, and toes to bar. Unfortunately for us, both Overdrive teams were in the same heat so we were unable to cheer each other on. But, we had a good little competition going on amongst ourselves – we finished first and second in our heat and ended up placing 21st and 27th for that WOD overall. In the end, only the top 8 teams were able to move on to the final WOD and Team AYCE and Team ADIDAC placed 25th and 34th respectively. Our first goal was to finish higher than we started and our second goal was to have fun – and we accomplished both. The teams had a good mix of senior competitors (V-Fung and Jacky), newbies (Marco and Bon-Crusher), and juniors (Kuch and I). This was my second competition and I enjoyed myself a lot. There is still that bit of nerves and anxiety that happens at the beginning, but once that 3-2-1-GO starts, you’re in a different zone. In the end, all you can do is push yourself to the limit and do the best you can. Being involved in these types of local competitions is both inspiring and humbling. When I see a team consisting of people that are twice my age and kicking my butt (like our own War Machine aka Craig), I can only hope that I can be at that level of fitness when I get there. Amazing! I want to say a big thank you to all the Overdrive family that came to support us! It was great to have you guys there! Also a big thanks to Insaney (Jane) and Gracey (who sadly got injured and couldn’t compete) for taking pictures. For people out there that are afraid to compete – you’ll never know if you don’t try. And for every one that is interested in wanting to compete – let’s get training! 😉

By Vanessa Fung

It was a 630am wake up call (an ungodly hour in my books). Why? Because for the first time, Overdrivers were competing at the annual Nutts Cup competition in Vancouver. We registered two awesomesauce teams for this event and were ready to knock some socks off with our Crossfitting skills. It was an awesome weekend filled with sun, sweat, and community. A big thank you to all the amazing folks that came out to support us and cheer us on as we took on some gruesome workouts. Hmm..where to start? Well, there were dinosaur legs and a Mexican in the dunk tank, cross-dressing men and a hairy teen wolf…but above all, there were some amazing athletes demonstrating what magnificent things the human body is capable of doing. I for one was amazed that my body survived those six 20lbs ball uphill ‘sprints’ (I’m pretty sure the pace I was going at was not so much a sprint but a brisk ogre-esk stomp). I think the owner of Crossfit Vancouver was right when he said “I don’t know why people would voluntarily torture themselves with such pain”….yet here we all were…united by the sport of Crossfit and the desire for this ‘torturous pain’…You know what they say…NO PAIN, NO GAIN…or even better KNOW PAIN, KNOW GAIN. Both Overdrive teams represented the box and all that it stands for. Every rep was clean, every movement was executed with precision, and every member displayed hard work, optimism, and a never-give-up attitude. Some memorable moments included: 1. Team AYCE and Team ADIDAC going head-to-head in workout #3…just a matter of a few reps separated the two. 2. Coach Vik of Team ADIDAC warrior-crying his way through those dreaded snatches! 3. Cheeky knocking out 135lbs back squats like it was nobody’s business…taking an early lead in workout #3 with the squat/burpee pre-exhauster! 4. Bodyweight expert Jacky banging out those ring dips like a toddler on the trampoline…up and down, up and down, up and down. 5. Kuch like a race-horse, hitting full gear on those 20lbs ball runs (UPHILL, I might add!) 6. Coach M and I…looking at the clock and finding out there were 13 minutes left of the workout and we were already gassed. With hands on knees and head slightly lifted…we both pointed at each other and said ‘YOU GO FIRST’. lol 6. I looked over at the crowd at one point…wanting to die…and saw an entire mob of Overdrivers cheering us on, telling us to keep moving! What an amazing community of support. All in all, the weekend was a giant success for us Overdrivers. Both teams had never competed together before and yet both teams demonstrated camaraderie and the dig-deep-and-never-back-down attitude. A lot of times, the word COMPETITION frightens people. There’s this idea that you have to be some superstar amazing wonder person…but that is completely untrue. We don’t ever have to be the best at everything or fear not being good enough. Competition is not about glorifying or belittling. It is about striving to be the best that you can be, whatever that may entail, on that particular day. A giant high-five to all those participants who stood up and volunteered to be a part of this wonderful event. And a great big thank you to all those who volunteered to make this competition possible. And last but not least, a salute to Andy Nuttall…the brave soldier who this event is dedicated to. In the words of the fallen soldier “make a difference and live life to the fullest”!