Monday – 081312

Overdrive at Nutts Cup
Overdrive at Nutts Cup

The Nutts Cup weekend was a success as both Overdrive Teams, AYCE(Marco,Kuch, and Vanessa) and ADIDAC(Vik,Jacky,and Tiff) competed hard and had lots of fun representing our box in this epic and memorable annual event! AYCE placed 25th, and ADIDAC 34th, out of 45 very tough teams. Only the top 8 teams would advance to the final workout. A blog of the weekend is coming soon(courtesy V-Fung)!
For those who are curious, the WODs were(in teams of 3):
1) In 20 min time cap, complete:
18 x 200 m med ball runs(this run was uphill and downhill)
120 Snatches(115/75)
2) In 20 min time cap, first complete:
7 Back Squats(225/135)
13 Burpees
*2 rounds per person
Then, with remaining time, AMRAP of
20 Thrusters(135/85)
25 Ring Dips
30 TTB

Monday’s Lesson Plan
Skills Practice : Pistols
Strength : Back Squats
WOD : Three rounds for time of
Row 500 meters
Run 400 meters
*Coaches, take the WOD outside and enjoy the sunshine! Run staggered start times, heats.