Olympic Weightlifting Course

Saturday, September-29-12 9:00 AMSunday, September-30-12 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)

CrossFit Overdrive
7371 Elmbridge Way
Richmond, British Columbia, British Columbia V6X 1B8

Phone: 647-889-5180

Course Description
This course is a practical workshop that focuses on the Olympic lifts and their variations. Athletes will learn proper progressions of all the olympic lifts and most importantly how to troubleshoot and correct technique flaws. Athletes who attend this course will improve their Olympic lifting technique. Novice, intermediate and advanced lifters can expect to set new PR’s in their Snatch and Clean & Jerk lifts.

All lifting will be done with Olympic bars and bumper plates. Three students will be assigned to each bar. A coach, a lifter and an observer. Every student will get a chance to participate in a max lift, coach others and be an observer. This approach ensures maximum knowledge transfer for all course registrants.

Components of the course also focus on providing Crossfit athletes with the tools that they need to maximize their performance at CrossFit competitions.

All athletes attending this course must meet the minimum fitness standard of back squatting (top of thighs at least pararell to the ground) 1.25 x bodyweight x 3 reps.

Course Conductor:
Bryan is one of the most knowledgeable and sought after strength and development coaches in the professional sports industry. Known for his unique ability to help athletes break through plateaus and set new personal records, Marshall has trained hundreds of athletes to date including many NHL, NFL and CFL players. In addition to training pros privately, he currently consults as a strength coach in the NHL for the Vancouver Canucks.

Ontario’s Weightlifting Champion since 2008 and current Ontario record holder in the Snatch (128kg – 77kg weight class). Marshall is an accomplished and decorated Olympic weightlifter and has worked with world-class strength and Olympic lifting coaches for the past decade.
Course Outline

Day 1:
Snatch Progressions
Assistance Lifts

Back Squat
Assistance Lifts

How to warm up to a max in under 10 minutes

Day 2:
Clean and Jerk
Assistance Lifts

Front Squat
Assistance Lifts

How to warm up to a max without time restriction

Cost: $ 590 + applicable taxes
Early Bird: $540 + applicable taxes
(ONLY the first 12 registrations are eligible for the early bird rate.)

Note: Price INCLUDES the online OLY-WOD prerequisite course and exam, regular cost $65. A coupon code for the online course will be issued within 24 hours of all paid registrations.

Prerequisite Requirement
The online OLY-WOD prerequisite course and exam must be completed prior to the OLY-WOD course. The pass standard for the OLY-WOD prerequisite exam is 85%. To maximize the learner experience it is essential that all the course registrants be familiar with material. A course certificate will only be awarded if the online prerequisite course has been completed.