Okay, we’ve all had our good days and bad days. But take a look at the list below and make sure that you are NOT consistently falling into one or more of those categories! If you are, give your head a shake before coming into the box. 🙂

Top 5 Most Annoying CrossFitters

#5 – The Cherry Picker

This is the person that only comes in for the WODs they think they will be good at. This in turn means they never get practice working on the movements they are not good at, which turns into minimal growth.

#4 – The Complainer

Ugh, I can’t believe the warm up is soooo hard, it is too hot, why do we do so many OHS, my arms are sore, I have a headache, it is too early, it is too late. Get my drift?

#3 – The Big Ego

Often times this is a problem with newbies, but can also be found in those that have been around for quite a while. The ego seems to rear its ugly when one can’t actually do the movement they are supposed to be doing at the Rx weight, so they are doing their very own special dangerous version of the movement so they don’t, heaven forbid, have to scale the weight and do it right. The really annoying part of the big ego is when a correction is given they do it one and go back to doing what they were doing before, don’t listen at all, or have to have someone else actually remove weight from their bar.

#2 – The You Should Know Better

This person has been at your box for quite a while now, maybe even one of the longest, but they still don’t seem to grasp basic concepts. They still don’t know what a Thruster is, they still don’t know how to figure out if they should go Rx and if they have to scale they seem clueless as to what they should scale to. This person might even try and be helpful and teach new people how to do stuff incorrectly. This person is just plain frustrating to watch, because they really should know better.

#1 – The Cheater

In CrossFit there is no room for cheating because it flat out gets you absolutely nowhere. Not only do people not respect the cheater, but they also question their integrity in general. There is no reason to cheat, when it comes down to brass tax and you are judged, you will be discovered and called out. On top of that the cheater might feel great that they are always toward the top of the leaderboard, but they are not progressing as much the person that is next to them because they are doing less work. Over time they just have to cheat more and more to try and keep up. Really, they only thing they are cheating are themselves. They are cheating themselves out of maximum results, out of respect from others, and out of feeling the absolute satisfaction of being proud of laying it all out on the line and getting an honest win.

All of these types of CrossFitters are annoying, but larger than that, these are all things we don’t want to be labeled as in any part of our lives. My kids come to CrossFit with me and my wife almost every day and I have a feeling if other people can spot these characteristics, my kids can to. I am going to display the characteristics that I want them to grow up to have. It might seem insignificant at the time, but our kids learn by watch us and assume that what we are doing is the right thing to do.