Monday – 061812

*Reminders for this week:
-No Saturday and Sunday classes as the coaches will be up in Whistler competing in the Tough Mudder.
-The scheduled rest day is Thursday, a great opportunity for you all to come and practice your snatching with coach Jacky, also some Carl Paoli tips on HSPUs and MUs with coach HGP!

Tech : Snatch
a. Preparation
1. Taping, wrapping, chalking
2. Mental preparation
1. Feet directly under the hips, toes angled slightly outward
2. Small toe attachment just forward of bar, shins very near bar
3. Knees track over toes
4. Movement initiates from the Hara…your center
5. Fill lungs, raise sternum forward and up to set pneumatic brace
6. Contract back to lock chest in upward position
7. Connect CENTRE CORE(HARA) to upper body – lock them together
1. Set grip width to where bar fits comfortably into fold of hips
2. Use hook grip to lock bar to hand
3. Flex wrists, rotate elbows outward
4. Contract lats and triceps together (tri-lat tuck)
5. Drop hips, tucking body forward and down, shoulders over bar
6. Head and eyes up, heels down
7. Push platform away when lifting

WOD : Snatch
*Does not need to be touch and go, but perform each rep with perfection