15 Commandments of Primal Eating

The 15 Commandments of Primal Eating:

1.    Do not “go hungry” (eat more food than you think you need).

2.      No gluten, grains, rice, corn (e.g. maltodextrin, corn starch), soy, refined sugar, etc.and nogluten substitutes (e.g. quinoa, oatmeal, sprouted grains)

3.    Protein every meal (100g daily –minimum- or 1g per pound bodyweight daily).

4.    Eat vegetables with every meal (about 4-6 cups daily).

5.    Less than 50 grams of carbs per day (average) for maximal fat loss.  100g or less for sustained fat loss.

6.    Don’t worry about dietary fat.

7.    Fruit 1-2x per day or less.

8.      No liquid calories.  Liquid calories make you chubby.

9.      Legumes (e.g. chickpeas, peanuts, etc.) a few times per week or less

10.  Handful of nuts a couple times a week (at max)

11.  No dairy (a couple times per week or less if just creamer for coffee)

12.  Alcohol approx. 1-2x per week or less (1-3 drinks at max)

13.  Chocolate 1-2x per week (dark as possible)

14.  Take Vit D (3000-8000 I.Us per day) & Omega 3 (3 – 5g daily)

15.  Avoid processed/packaged proteins, veggies, etc. (e.g. bacon, deli meat, etc.), but defer to #1 when in a pinch.

Overdrivers, post thoughts and other suggestions to comments. 🙂