Monday – 050712

Announcement : We are starting programming today! We will experiment with this format and get your feedback on it in the near future. The WODs will be cycled in a 3 on, 1 off fashion. So yes, there may be workouts scheduled for Sundays from time to time. This time slot is TBA(we will poll the Overdrive community to determine the right fit for everyone interested and announce by end of this week). Don’t worry, Saturday Team WODs will continue! Some WODs are very challenging so we will be providing scaling and modifying options for everyone as well. The rest day in this format will either allow you to come in and practice some goats, active rest with mobilization and stretching, or make up a missed WOD.

Tech/Strength : Snatch
3,3,2,2,1,1,1(basically, working up to a heavy single)

WOD : On the minute each minute, for 15 minutes, complete
20 Double Unders
1 Snatch(155/105)
*Score is how many minutes completed
*Scaling options:
*Movement standards:
If no double unders, you will perform tuck jumps.
Snatch can be finished in power, split, or squat.