Tuesday – 022812

*No 6:30 am class

Overdrivers, as promised, we will changing up our programming a bit to keep things fresh and variable. We have had great success with the strength system and I have personally witnessed and coached so many of you to establish higher PR’s in all of your core lifts! Keep up the excellent work and dedication to your strength!
Moving forward, our focus this month will be to improve our ‘goats’ through skills work, and to also improve our olympic lifts. We will not be forgetting about strength as this will still be in our cycle, just more focused on the oly stuff. The sessions will be broken down into the following components : skills/tech, oly/strength, and metabolic conditioning(WOD).
**It is very important that everyone be ON TIME for class! Arrive early and make sure your warm up and taping is done before the start of class. This will ensure a smooth and efficient session and getting the most out of your time with the coach.

Article : “10 World Champ Training Tips”

Skills/Tech : Pistols
Strength : Front Squat
WOD : 10 min AMRAP of
25 DUs Unbroken
10 Power Snatch(95/65)

Games Athletes :
A. 4 x 10 reps each of
-Pistols(5 per side)
-Ring Dips
-KTEs(string these together with kipping)
B. 5 sets at 95% of
5 CTB Pull-Ups
7 Wall Balls
20 Unbroken DUs
*Rest 2 min between sets. Score each round’s time, then total time for all 5 sets.