Double What?? Grrrr….

Learning to love the double-under?  

For all but the luckiest, the double-under began as a frustrating struggle.  Unless you were on your double-dutch team in elementary school (you know who you are out there), they have been an evolving journey.  Some days they’re great, some days they’re a terror.  They require coordination and are a skill that requires due diligence in practice.  If you simply ignore them or cherry pick WOD’s without them, they’ll never just magically improve.  So use today as a great opportunity to come in an work on them.  If you’ve never gotten them, then maybe you’ll get one today.  If you have them down perfectly, then aim for linking a new PR in a row.  Either way, go at them with the right attitude from the start and hopefully that’ll reward you.  Here’s some tips to remember.

1.  Land lightly on the balls of your feet and let your heels gently kiss the ground each jump.  
2.  Jump only high enough to clear the rope each time.
3.  Keep your bodyweight balanced on the balls of your feet, your torso upright and tall, hips open.  
4.  Elbows in tight to your body, only turn the rope with your wrists.
5.  Eyes straight ahead to help maintain your balance. 
6.  Relax and don’t forget to breathe!

Courtesy of CF Verve