Monday – 022012

Paleo Challenge – Finished!!
Congratulations to all of you who have made it through this amazing 6 week process. I know I can speak for all of us as we have become healthier, and most importantly, smarter in the ways that we will be cooking and living hopefully having a positive impact towards our loved ones and anyone who we can help to change their lives!

Post-Paleo pictures and measurements will be done all day Monday(and Tuesday if you cannot make it in).

**This week marks the beginning of the Crossfit Games Open! All Overdrive athletes who have registered, or are going to register, will be on a different program. This program MUST be followed accurately to allow your body to be fully primed for the Open WOD. Your rest days will be Wednesday and Friday. Come see Coach M if you have any questions.

Regular Programming
Tech/Strength : Back Squat and Bench Press
WOD : 21-15-9 reps of
Wall Balls

Games Athletes
A. Olympic lifting practice(different versions)
B. Strength practice(2-3 movements)
*Details will be posted on whiteboard