Food for thought…

I came across a few great blog posts from some of our very own Overdrivers! I couldn’t have stated it better myself! Well done and keep up the great work! I love our community! 🙂

1. The CF Games OPEN and not being “good enough”

The CrossFit Games Open will be starting next week. I thought a lot of people from my box would be interested in trying it out but as it turns out, I was wrong. I asked quite a few people if they signed up already and the majority of responses I received were “Oh, no. I’m not good enough to compete.”

I understand that not everyone is interested in competing. But just because a person signs up for the Open doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to compete at Regionals, the Open, or wherever. I see the Open as just another series of WODs. WODs that people all over the world will be doing at the same time. How cool is that?

Everyone has different goals when it comes to CrossFit. Whether it’s to burn calories, test your athletic ability, or get stronger – whatever the reason – the majority of us do it because it’s a challenge. No matter what level of fitness you’re at, there is always a challenge. Whether it’s jumping a 24” box, doing a pull up, or snatching 200lbs over your head – there will always be a challenge.

No one knows what the WODs will be. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and there will probably be some WODs that you will suck at and there will probably be some WODs that you will kick butt at…but how will you know if you don’t even try? Even if you aren’t interested in competing, use the Open as a learning experience. Learn about your strengths that you may not even know you had. Learn about your weaknesses. Learn about yourself.

Too many people compare themselves to the elite CrossFitters of the WORLD. No, not everyone has a sub 2:00 Fran time. And just because you don’t doesn’t mean you aren’t “good enough”. No, not everyone can dead lift 400lbs. And just because you can’t doesn’t mean you aren’t “good enough”. No, not everyone can do 50 unbroken butterfly pull ups. And just because you can’t doesn’t mean you aren’t “good enough”. Get the idea?

If you can benchmark the majority of the WODs, join the Open. Challenge yourself – like you do every time you step into the box on a daily basis. What have you got to lose?

Who knows, maybe you are “good enough”.

2. What Type of Athlete or Student are you?


There will be people who cheat, cut corners, shorten reps, or go through the motions in the gym.  People may cheat a lot, a little…missing a lot of reps or just one…it is all the same.  The CrossFit community in general have brought up this topic multiple times over the years.  One point that everyone makes is, ‘who really cares, because that person is just cheating themselves and their results’.  But maybe this blog will help those individuals realise what type of athlete they are and what kind of athlete they want to become.

What type of athlete are you? Are you okay with it?

There are two types of athletes, Type 1 and Type 2…

Type 1 Athletes:  Fully commit to whatever WOD is for them for that day, whether it is technique, strength, met con or even the warm-up
Type 2 Athletes:  Complain about a movement or 2 in a WOD, try to modify the technique or increase/decrease their WOD & quickly identify movements that ‘suck’.

Type 1 Athletes:  Work up to the buzzer, even if it means they will only get 20 meters of the next 200 meter run because there’s only 10 sec left.
Type 2 Athletes:  Finish the round they are currently on and lay down with little time remaining on the clock.

Type 1 Athletes:  Ask their coach to closely judge them, give them pointers, and makes necessary adjustments when given a ‘no-rep’ call for not getting full depth on a squat.
Type 2 Athletes:  Roll their eyes at a coach for correctly judging them, scoring them, or giving pointers on how to get full reps, They try to ignore the coach, hide from the view of a coach and continue to ‘sneak’ through bad reps.

The list goes on and on…it takes a lot of INTEGRITY to be a Type 1 Athlete, the reward is deeply fulfilling, gratifying, humbling, & satisfying.  It’s not enough to be a character in CrossFit, you need to have character.  Integrity, honor and respect these things matter here.

“We’re forging elite fitness but we’re filtering for character.” – Coach Greg Glassman