Saturday Team WOD – 021112

Paleo Challenge Day 34 – Last night’s Pot Luck was once again a delicious feast with even more tasty goodies that nobody would have guessed being classified as ‘Paleo’!! Thanks again to everyone who came out and contributed their chef skills. I am very confident that with the awareness of nutritious food that we have all helped each other create, we can all live healthier lives and WOD harder. The challenge may be coming to an end but a new found way of eating has just begun!

Team WOD : In teams of 4, complete the following…
So, we decided to do teams of 5, guys vs gals!

In gauntlet style fashion, complete the following:
20 cal row
30 burpees
30 KB GTO(20/12 kg each arm)
30 TTB
100 ft walking lunge(45/25 lb plate)
200 m sprint