Saturday Team WOD – Farewell “DBoy-Ryu”!

Michi, technical as always!
Michi, technical as always!

For all of you who know Michi, a.k.a. “DBoy-Ryu”, he is unfortunately leaving us temporarily to focus on his career. Michi was one of our original Overdrive students and has been one of our best role models and class acts here at Overdrive. Everyone who has had the opportunity to get to know him and worked out with him, will tell you that he is nothing short of respectful, considerate, hard-working, loyal, passionate, and always leading by example. Michi is known to let his actions speak louder than any words. He has worked very hard the past few years working a full-time job, being a father of two, and training Karate and Crossfit full-time. Michi, the box will not be the same without you! We will miss you lots, but wish you all the best in your career. Hopefully, it will be shorter than longer before you come back to your Overdrive family! We are here to always support you!

So, as a parting gift and as promised, here is Michi’s Team WOD :
What, you think we’d tell you before you show up…:)

Post WOD lunch with Michi – meet back at box 12:30 pm