The Truth about Fiber

The Truth about Fiber

­­­A lot of people ask us, if you don’t eat grains, how do you get your fiber?


Wait. Breath. Deep breathes. Ok.

Well, what I am here today to tell you the truth about fiber – where you get it and what types do what. Listen up Paleo-lifestylers! This is going to make your life much easier. Here’s the breakdown of fiber:

What you get: Soluble Fiber

What it means: Fiber that dissolves readily in fluids. These fibers have been linked to lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol and regulating of blood glucose levels

Is that good? Yes. You want this.

What they eat: oat bran, oatmeal, beans, peas, rice bran, barley

Your rebuttal: citrus fruits, strawberries, apple pulp

What you get: Insoluble Fiber

What it means: Does not dissolve in liquids, passing through the digestive tract, moving things along. If you are losing weight, these foods have a fulling effect, for weight management.

Is that good? Yes. You want this too.

What they eat: whole-wheat breads, wheat cereals, what bran (holy cow batman! That’s a lot of wheat!)

Your rebuttal: cabbage, beets, carrots, brussels sprouts, turnips, cauliflower, apple skin (ah, that sounds better)

What you get: Resistant Starch and Others (wow, that doesn’t sound pleasant, does it??)

What it means: Starches that are not digested in the small intestine. I like to call them fillers because a lot of them are added to other things to add fiber, lower the caloric intake, and screw around with your system.

Is that good? No. You do not want or need this.

What they eat: potatoes, pasta, legumes and rice

Your rebuttal: YOU DON’T NEED ONE! YAY!

In Summation: You are going to be just fine being Paleo. There is a lot of fiber in the foods that we eat, without having to stoop so low as to getting it from those nasty resistant starches.