Thursday – 011212

Paleo Meatballs
– minced beef (1kg)
– 2 eggs
– 1 cup almond meal
– 1 diced (red) onion
– salt, pepper, garlic & basil
– something to cook in (I’d prefer butter or ghee myself for this one, but coconut oil should do the trick)
Mix it all together. Roll the mixture into balls, however big you like them. Put them into one of those big pans you’d also use for stews or 5 hour cooking time type meat (I can’t find what they’re called). Roll them around a bit while they’re getting ready, cooking time depends on the size of your balls (haha) so just pry one open to find out whether they’re done!

Strength : Strict Dead-Hang Pull-Ups

WOD : 20 min AMRAP of
5 SDHP(115/85)
10 TTB
15 Wall Balls(20/14)