Tuesday – 011012

Amazing atmosphere in the box yesterday! Over 50 students came through and hit up the WOD hard! Highlights included a steady stream of senior students achieving big 5 rep maxes on the back squat and push press…Nelson, aka “Ape”, amazed his peers by back squatting 335 lbs x 10 reps!! WOW! Evening classes were jam packed with a 17-student strong bootcamp while Oly competitors Vik, Jessie, and Foxy all set highs in their lifts! Very proud day as a coach! Keep up the good work…oh, not to mention it was the 1st day of the Paleo Challenge! 🙂

Here is a short write-up of what you should be paying attention to and how to hit WODs :


Crossfit is much like investing.  You need to contribute capital, meaning you need to put in time.  But you also need to be wise in your investments.

1. If you’re a new athlete, you need to invest with minimal risk: fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals.  No intensity without consistency.

2. For the intermediate athlete, you should accept some risk and step out of your comfort zone occasionally, but your portfolio should still be mostly rock solid long term investments.

3. For the high level athlete, you should push out of your comfort zone regularly.  You’ll have the hindsight of years of investing that will kick in if you’re really doing something stupid, but if you’re not a little scared of your workouts, you’re probably not pushing the limit far enough.

Strength/Tech :
3 pos snatch: work up to 65%x3 (high hang, mid thigh, floor=3 reps) for 3 sets

WOD : 3 rounds for total reps
30 sec amrap Power Snatch – 115/75
30 sec amrap box Jumps – 24/20
30 sec amrap KBS – 24/16
30 sec amrap burpees
1 snatch = 2 reps
rest 2 min ACTIVELY between sets