Attention : Overdrivers
Your patience and understanding is required as the details of this Challenge are not finished yet. We want to make sure that this will be a kick-ass challenge and that it will be fun for everyone! So, stay tuned…here are a few details of the challenge.

Dates of challenge will be Jan.9 – Feb.19, 2012, yes, a 6-week challenge! There will also be a few categories to enter into : Men’s, Women’s, and pairs. Yes, you can team up with someone to go through the challenge together! Your results will be the accumulated improvements.
Registration fees are the following : $40 per individual contestant, $70 per pair. The more entries, the sweeter the pot!
Prizes include ONE month FREE memberships, Lululemon gift cards, Overdrive apparel, other fitness related prizes, and of course cash!!

So, think about this everyone and let’s get fit and healthy for 2012!!
Coach M.