After a DNF, Fight or Flight?

I came across an interesting article from South Maryland Crossfit’s blog that I wanted to share with you all as we can all relate in one way or another. I’ve added my own personal twist in the intro part(italicized)as the experiences are identical. Happy reading!


A few weeks ago we prescribed a tough benchmark ‘girl’ workout, Diane, for our students. It was a 21-15-9 of Deadlifts at 225/155 lbs and HSPUs.  Then we put a 15 min. cap on it.  We don’t usually like to set extremely daunting tasks in front of our athletes, things that seem nearly impossible, but every once in a while, it needs to be done.  Very few of them finished within the time cap.  That’s right, they got the dreaded DNF, including myself!  Did Not Finish.

There are two ways you can deal with the DNF.  The first is to feel pity on yourself.  You can say the task was too tough.  You can give excuses.  Not enough sleep, didn’t eat right this week, too heavy, etc.  The second is to say fuck you DNF.  Not again.  You can make sure that you were better than yesterday.  You can work weaknesses.

How you deal with setbacks and failures says a lot about you.  As the old saying goes “Adversity doesn’t just build character, it reveals it.”  CrossFit is not for everyone.  CrossFit is hard on a daily basis.  And the better you get at it, the more you feel like you suck at it.  Trust me on that one.  And many people quit CrossFit because of that.

Here is the thing though, life is the same way.  Life is hard on a daily basis.  Not a 20?s era Depression kind of way, but the shit is still tough.  The better I get at life, the more I feel like I suck at it.  Just when stuff is going good, BAM! something happens to make me feel like crap and I suffer a setback.  I DNF in life on daily basis.

I have a long list of shit I want to accomplish everyday.  I get most of it done.  But I fail at a lot of it.    I want to spend more time with my girlfriend and make sure she knows how much she means to me.  I want to spend more time with my dog and my family.  I want to call all of my old friends that I haven’t seen in years and talk to them for about an hour each, or better yet visit them more than every three years.  I want our box to be the best it can be.  I want jerk boxes, heavier stones, more bumpers, new bars, a yoke, and more pullup bars.  I want to make my house awesome.  I need to plant flowers, mulch flower beds and trees, put up new fencing, add decor, and fix up my basement.  And I want to be able to watch a few TV shows and just watch some football and take a nap.  Oh and during all that I need to coach, program, cue, and run a business from 8 til 8.  There are PLENTY of life skills I need to work on just like CrossFit skills.

Fall 7 times, Stand up 8.

So again, I DNF on a daily basis.  But you cannot quit life.  I say fuck you DNF.  Tomorrow I’m making x, y, and z happen.  I will forge ahead with a single-minded determination.  I challenge you to treat life the same.  Don’t let setbacks linger.  Be better than yesterday.