It’s the holiday season and there are endless parties and socials to attend. Unlimited amounts of drinks, glutenous food full of rich processed carbohydrates and sugars. Tastes so good, and its only once a year…right? Well, as long as you are offsetting those calories with daily WODs done at a high intensity, you are only barely breaking even. I know it is very hard at this time of year(myself guilty as well) to stay on top of your nutritional goals and beautiful Crossfit figures, but it pays. No pain, no gain right? Just like how it’s easier to spend money than to make it, same goes for our bodies and health. We work so damn hard year round to achieve ultimate health and wellness to live that lifestyle everyone dreams of, then we let ourselves slide a little…then a lot! Back to square one! But not to worry, thank goodness for the body physiological memory that we are able to get back into our fit routines…when we tell ourselves to! So, as we are going through this most warm and fuzzy time of year, let’s keep up with the hard work that MUST be sustained in order for us to keep on enjoying and partying out the year 2011. Get in the box and work your ass off, EARN your pass to indulge a little.

CROSSFIT OVERDRIVE, we are on a mission for the year 2012, to help all of us achieve mentally and physically the best fitness and overall well being. Bonuses along the way are making lifelong friendships, contributing to and being an integral part of the kick-ass Overdrive community, encouraging others to change their lives, increased confidence, and the increased ability to be able to do anything and everything you want with your life! – Coach M.