Saturday Team WOD @ Rocky Point CF

Thank you Rocky Point CF for hosting part 2 of our box-to-box holiday showdown! As Crossfit Overdrive, we truly had an amazing time getting to WOD with you all and making some new friends along the way. Let’s make this an annual tradition!

Kudos to our 3 teams that made the trip PLUS a fan section!
Team 1 – Grace, Nikki, Herbie, Kuch
Team 2 – Mike, Travis, Tiffany, Vanessa
Team 3 – Kris, Viktor, Sarb, Kim
Fans – Daniel, Alura, Jane, Denise, Alana, and 3 of Tiff’s ‘baker’ friends!

Way to go Overdrive and represent well! You guys really make a coach proud! 🙂

Team Overdrive!
Team Overdrive!