**Reminder : NO 6 pm class today as we will be having the Stretch Clinic for Upper Body

Cheeky getting ready for a PR deadlift!
Cheeky getting ready for a PR deadlift!


First off, as a coach, I want to express how proud I am of you all for sticking through our strength program the last three months. It paid off in huge ways yesterday as all of your CF Total results showed! Congrats to all those who set PRs and are continually getting stronger and fitter! We finally have two members in the 1000 lb club! Hats off to Nelson and Grace for establishing new gym records as well. (Sorry Gary, you held it for about 4 hours!)

Strength/Tech : 1,2,3 reps x 4 sets of
Power Snatch/Snatch/OHS
*So, choose a weight that you can do 1 Power Snatch, 2 full Snatches, and 3 OHS without dropping or re-racking the bar.

WOD : 21-15-9 reps of