First of all, before I get into the details of the weekend and the event highlights, I want to thank each and every Overdrive supporter(superfans, athletes, coaches) who made the trip out and contributed to a very memorable experience. There is too much to go over but I will do my best to create a visual for everyone!

What can I say? All of you were awesome! We must have had the largest cheering section in that small corner by the Q Energy stand! A big thanks to Insaney and Bon-Bon for their photographic skills and Haley for capturing video footage. Bake-Dogg was so into it at one point he even stepped into the competition areas to join the coaches! Fan contributions included Mighty Mouse, Batwing, Wowsie, and Lydia.

Team A:
Just prior to the weekend, Kuch fell ill and was not able to compete. As a last minute substitution, the Phantom entered the mix. The team was now made up of some of the most original Overdrivers that started with us just over 2 years ago. They had never competed together as a team before so we were all very excited to see how they would do. The answer is…AMAZING!! The team not only qualified for the final day by placing in the top 8(out of 20 teams), they almost beat the eventual championship team from Washington state in the first WOD-off of the playoff bracket! In fact, our girls out-duelled their girls and finished before them! Kudos to Jacky as he became famous for his lightning fast HSPUs, and tremendous heart and determination in the final event as he battled through torn hands to try to pull down the 32 kg KB in the rope pulley. Kevin, aka Phantom, was his usual self, contributing his all round fitness, top notch conditioning and leadership. And then we have the girls, or should I say the TWO CRAZY STRONG GIRLS FROM OVERDRIVE!! Grace and Nikki, carried the bulk of the load for the A team as the WODs involved a lot of strength. Nikki powered through snatches like PVC pipe and man-handled the pulley event in the final WOD! Gracey further solidifed her reputation as a fierce competitor and self-proclaimed ‘freakishly strong’ label by anchoring the team to a 1st place finish in WOD#3. To top things off for Grace and Nikki, they went on to make a statement for next year by taking out the American girls from the winning team in the final WOD with thrusters and weighted rope pulls! All in all, what a great team showing good chemistry, communication, heart, and determination. Next year, top 4 finish!

Team B:
This team consisted of some of our newest Crossfitters(less than 6 months) and who had never competed before. Team ‘Organic’, like Mikey, aka HGP, likes to call them, came through in a big way. The goal of the weekend was to gain experience but not only did they do that, they set some PRs along the way! The team finished 4th in their pool but showed that they can hang with the best of them. Starting with Travis, aka Darth Spears, or now aka Two Scoops(LMAO!), brought his game and showed that he is a force to be reckoned with next year. He had never snatched more than 135 lbs before but was forced to snatch 145 lbs…many times! Mikey took the med ball run relay to another level by running with the ball on his hip like a running back! Mike’s leadership showed through as he kept the team calm with his laughter and ‘organic’ demeanor. Jen, aka T-Bot, overcame a few of her nemesis in a big way! She had never snatched 95 lbs before but PRd in the WOD! Also, she brought her game and decided that she was going to do a double under, er, make that 95 of them!! Way to go T-Bot! Last but not least, we have Tiffany, aka Cheeky. After a slow start, Cheeky started gaining momentum as she ran like the wind(with a 20lb med ball) in WOD#2 gaining 20 meters on the girl ahead of her. Tumbling is apparently another strength for Cheeky as she front-rolled like a mini cannon-ball! On the social side, she also added to her nickname, now Squeeky Cheeky! LOL, jk.

Overall, the weekend was amazing and cannot be described with words. As a coach, I could not be prouder of how the athletes did and how Overdrive was represented. Each year, we are getting stronger and better. Thank you Crossfit Taranis for putting on an amazing event. Nothing is more rewarding that to be able to be in the same space as your fellow Crossfit community cheering each other on. I already can’t wait until next year…let the training begin!