Eat Good Food, REAL Good Food(courtesy of CF Verve)

I have met very few people who eat unhealthy, or so they think. So why is it that waist lines continue to get larger?  Is it just age and a slowed metabolism?  Consider for a moment our modern food sources and diet.  Now consider the choices we would have had available to us as cave-people.

You’ve heard it a millions times, sugar is bad for you.  You may think to yourself, well I don’t eat sugar… that often. The food industry has capitalized on the terminology, “all natural,” “no sugar added,” and “organic”, to sell us what is suppose to be good for us. Below are some common “healthy” foods, their sugar content, and some alternatives.

Eight ounces of Robinson’s 100% orange juice contains 2.5 tablespoons of sugar.  Compare that to one orange with an average of 0.5 of a tablespoon of sugar.

One Larabar “The original fruit and nut bar” contains just under 0.25 cups of sugar.  Compare that 1 cup of strawberries, which contain 3 teaspoons of sugar.

One serving of organic, gluten free, wild brown rice contains a heaping 0.25 cups of sugar.  Compare that to 4 cups of broccoli, which contains less than 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Other shockers include; 6 oz of fat free yogurt, Odwalla super protein and 10 tortilla chips.

All of this food was bought at our local “health” food store, giving consumers the impression that they are making healthier choices. Next time you go shopping, think of these comparisons and choose the low sugar (and low glycemic index) options – whole foods like broccoli, strawberries or an orange.  Leave the sugar on the shelf and redefine your idea of healthy foods.