Hi Everyone!

Grace and I are having a spectacular time here in Maui. The people here are very nice, food is delicious, weather hot, and no rush hour traffic! We have spent a lot of our time on the beach and in the water either playing with the waves or snorkeling. The local food here has been the Loco Moco, which is fried rice with eggs and ham, covered with a hamburger patty and fried onions smothered in gravy. I have hd it at 3 different places! LOL! We have worked out three times, once on the beach in which we did a sand run(a lot harder and relly makes you feel like you are not moving). We visited Lahaina Crossfit which was situated on top of a hill…thank goodness there were no 400 m runs that day! 🙂 The WOD was a 15 min AMRAP of 7 GTOH(95%65), 14 Russian Swings, 21 DUs. As Coach Anthony never wrote down the KB weight standard, he looked at me and said “You are using the 32 kg”. I looked around and found the only one. Great WOD and good breathing out in the hot warm air. The competitive side came out again so final score was: Grace 8 rds + 4 reps, Marco 8 rds + 5 reps 🙂

We are off to drive the Highway to Hana(apparently one of the most beautiful drives in the world in which you see waterfalls and nothing but colbalt blue ocean water) and then wake up at 2:30 am to see the famous sunrise at the peak of the Haleakala volcano.

We miss you all very much and can`t wait to see you all next week!

Take care and WOD hard!