Farewells to a couple of Overdrivers

It is never easy to say goodbye to anyone who has touched your lives and the lives of others. Especially in our Overdrive family, where everyone is close to one another in some way. Through working out hard, sharing good times, sharing bad times, and being there for each other is just a small glimpse of what life is like inside our box. Of my three years of coaching, I can literally say that all my students have become great friends and people who I really enjoy being around each and every day. With this being said, we must say goodbye and good luck(one is temporary) to the following Overdrivers:

Vanessa Fung and Anita Sehn. Vanessa will be leaving us at the end of August, and Anita in September.

Vanessa, aka “V-Fung”, has been with us since our early days and has grown both as an athlete and a person. She has developed into an elite Crossfitter who competed for us on two occasions, is CF Level 1 certified, and a leader and assistant coach in our box. She has also completed her university degree which is why she must leave us to go pursue a career of teaching in China. She will only be gone for one year, thankfully:). V-Fung, you will be missed, but don’t worry, when you come back, there will be more girls on the rings and perhaps another butterfly ninja or two! Good luck and have a great time!

Anita Sehn, what can we say? Anita came to us last year through her son as she wanted to get into shape. At first, I was not too sure as to how much she could handle. She proved me wrong over and over again! In fact, on one of the Saturday Team WODs, in which partner carries were involved, I volunteered to carry her partner as I was afraid it might be too heavy, but she said that she could do it! She did! Anita has a tremendous amount of heart and a no-quit attitude which is what makes her successful. She took on our most recent Paleo Challenge and won it! Anita has accepted a new job in Kamloops which will move her closer to her family. We are very happy for her and wish her all the best! Keep on Crossfitting Anita!