MLS – Midline Stabalization

Midline Stabilization is important in today’s movements and everyday……

The mid-line is composed of the entire spinal cord from the first cervical vertebrae (atlas) to the coccyx (tailbone). Stabilization of the mid-line is dependent on all attached muscles and primary movers of the body, from the neck to the hamstrings.  To establish good mid-line stabilization, we need to be aware of the natural position of our spine. 
When we say “Good back”, or “Lumbar curve”, we are wanting you to align the muscles with the natural curvature of the lower back.  At the same time it is vital that there is a counter balance on the anterior (front) side of the body.  Without a tightening of the traverse abdominis (the major muscle that compresses the abdomen) and a lock down of the ribs, we would have an exaggerated lumbar curve.  An exaggerated lumbar curve, is equally as dangerous as a rounded back.
We want mid-line stabilization for two major reasons.  First, to maintain spinal safety in our movements and second, to create more leverage, thereby generating more force (translates to a stronger human, capable of leaping large buildings).  We increase our mid-line stabilization through many of the full body movements you experience everyday during your WOD’s, such as deadlift, clean and jerk, push press, etc.  Keep the body safe and strong, focus on mid-line stabilization.  Stay focused, it takes time to build.