**Awesome day yesterday with many PRs and some very nice looking OHS forms! Truly a nice sight for the coaches eyes! 🙂 On another note, we will be losing one of our favorite members “Insaney” Jane for a short period of time as she undergoes knee surgery to repair a completely torn ACL! She will be missed lots but I am sure she will still be “hanging around” all the time! Come by and have a last WOD with her today…I hear she will be doing a double WOD just to see everyone.

Also, as a treat, as the coaches rarely get a chance to WOD head-to-head, they will be “showing down” at the 6 pm time slot. Stay tuned…

Tech/Strength : Deadlift
3 sets of 4 @ 80-85% RM, 30X0 tempo

WOD : 21-15-9 reps of
Ball Slams(20/14)