Yes, we are officially ranked 6th going into the final day of team competition in the CrossFit Games Canada West Finals! We will be guaranteed to finish no lower than 10th, meaning that we will be at least the 10th fittest team in Western Canada! Only the top 10 teams advanced to the 3rd and final day!

We are so proud of the whole team(Jacky, Kevin, Dave, Grace, Vanessa, and Jane – alternates Nikki and Rob) as they have represented us so well this whole weekend. Not even 2 years ago, you all stepped into our brand new box and began exercising for the first time at this level. Now just a year and a bit down the road, you guys have all built up to be amazing athletes and even better people! Overdrive is proud to have you as students and friends for life! We want to thank all the Overdrivers who came out and supported the team and cheered from the stands…it meant so much to see friendly faces in the crowd in support of our athletes battling it out so hard with the best of Western Canada! Also, a huge shout out to Michi, Denise, Tiffany, Eshanie, Travis, and Janita for volunteering their time and helping out at the Games!

Sunday’s team heats are at 9:30 am and 12 noon. Come on down and cheer them on! Tickets can be purchased at the door.