Hey Overdrivers,

This weekend will be the Crossfit Games Canada West Finals and we are proud to go there and cheer on our very own Team Overdrive! Competing for us are Kevin, Jacky, Dave, Vanessa, Grace, and Nikki. Jane and Rob are the alternates. The team has been training hard for the past week in preparation for this exciting event. We want to wish them all the best as they go and battle against some of the best Crossfitters in Western Canada!

All of you interested in joining us at this event and being part of the Overdrive cheer section, purchase your tickets through ticketmaster first, then we will organize a group trip down to UBC! It will be an amazing weekend!

Once the schedule is announced, we will post immediately.

Location : Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre University of British Columbia 6066 Thunderbird Blvd., V6T 1Z3

Competing Members : Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia

Description : The fittest athletes in the Canada West region will come here to prove their fitness May 27-29, 2011. After three days of grueling competition, the best athletes will move on to the CrossFit Games Finals at the Home Depot Center on July 29-31.