Call out for Volunteers!
We need you at the Canada West Regional Event!!
Positions to fill: May 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 of 2011
Need to form a crew of capable strong people to help set up and take down the wod equipment and
competition area. This is a position that will be busy on Thursday, May 26 and again on Monday May 30.
People in this position will also be available to help with other tasks on Fri, Sat and Sunday if they wish.
Set up
HQ wants all Judges to be CF Level 1 Certified so that is a basic requirement. As a judge you need to be
confidant, assertive and tireless! Based on the fact that you are a CrossFitter, you are probably posses all 3 of
those qualities !
As the weekend approaches the roles needed to fill with volunteers evolves. You may be doing any sort of
support work, running or organizing. Please know that you will not be asked to do anything you aren’t
comfortable with and you do not need to be a CrossFitter to help contribute in some way.
T-shirt, snacks, lunch and bottled water will be provided for the volunteers. There will be a designated area
for volunteers to collect, take breaks and store bags and jackets.
Volunteer help is vital to running a smooth competition. In fact, like most events, this one won’t happen
without fantastic people stepping up to help pull the weekend together and get the job done. You have a
fantastic Team of Directors, so rest assured it will be organized and well thought out, they just need YOU to
jump on board with them!!
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; They just have the heart.


Please email Competition Director, Dave Kitchen and include the following:
• Full name, Address, Ph. No and email.
• Dates available during May 27, 28, 29
• Year and City of CF Level 1 Certification
[email protected]

All Other Volunteers:
Please Email Event Director, Chris Schaalo and include the following:
• Full name
• Address, Ph. No and email.
• Dates available during May 26 to 30th
[email protected]