Saturday Team WOD

Part A : complete the following for time –
1. Wall Balls(plank holds)
2. KB Swings(air squats)
3. Push Press(sit-ups)
4. Row for Calories(box jumps)
-While one team member works on the prescribed exercise, the other team members are doing the movements listed in brackets. So, all team members are working at the same time. No minimum or maximum reps, partition them however you want amongst the team
-first team to complete all reps wins

Part B : (15 minute time limit)

1 Mile Barbell Run for Time

Load one barbell with 95lbs and take it for a one-mile run as a team. Every time the bar hits the ground, each person on the team must do 5 burpees before advancing on. The bar must stay below everyone’s shoulder and cannot be rested on any part of the leg or foot.