Saturday Team WOD

Team WOD #1 (20 minute time limit) ? 3 Rounds For Time: 400m run (entire team runs together) Pull-ups (Men – 25 reps, W – 20 reps) Thrusters, as many as possible (M – 95lbs, W – 65lbs)

Once the last team member returns from the 400m run, the team will split into two, 2-person coed groups. In each coed group, one person will perform his/her prescribed pullups while his/her partner completes the thrusters. Thrusters can only begin when the other person begins his/her pullups and thrusters are finished when the partner’s pullups are completed. Then switch. When the whole team is done with pullups, the team may begin the next round. Your team score will be your total time in seconds minus the total amount of thrusters (1 rep = 1 second) performed by the team. Lowest time wins.

Team WOD #2 (15 minute time limit)

1 Mile Barbell Run for Time

Load one barbell with 95lbs and take it for a one-mile run as a team. Every time the bar hits the ground, each person on the team must do 5 burpees before advancing on. The bar must stay below everyone’s shoulder and cannot be rested on any part of the leg or foot.