BC Crossfit Olympic Lifting Competition

Jacky completing his Clean & Jerk
Jacky completing his Clean & Jerk



All those interested in participating, come and see Coach M. We represented well last year as Overdrive took 2 of 3 medals in the 69 kg Men’s weight class. Should be another great competition!


An Olympic Weightlifting Competition for CrossFit Athletes only. (no singlet required)

Saturday, February 4th 2012
Semiahmoo Secondary School 1785 – 148 St, Surrey, BC V4A4M6

3 Attempts at Max Snatch
3 Attempts at Max Clean and jerk

The two highest completed lifts will add up and be your Olympic Total for the Event. You will be scored against other lifters in your weight class and your score will be calculated by Sinclair method for the award of best overall lifter male/female/team.

Weight Classes

Male 56kg – 62kg – 69kg – 77kg – 85kg – 94kg – 105kg – 105kg+

Female 48kg – 53kg – 58kg – 63kg – 69kg – 75kg – 75kg+


1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place per category/group
Best Overall Lifters (Male and Female – Sinclair Formula)
Best Full Team (4 Male – 2 Female) and Best half Team (2M – 1F)
*Athletes score may only count for the full team or the half team. Teams must be made up of members from one affiliate.
*There is not a separate team event. Your individual score count towards your team score.

Additional Event Information

Weigh-In: Weigh-In will take place for every session/group of lifters separately (different times). Weigh-In will begin 2 hours prior to the start of a session/group and will last for one hour so that all athletes have one hour to prepare for the start of their session/group (ie: 8:00 am weigh-in start and 9:00am finish with a 10:00am competition start time).

Athletes must provide starting attempts for both the Snatch + the Clean & Jerk at time of weigh-in.

Introduction of Athletes: Introduction of athletes will take place 15 minutes prior to the start of the competition. Please make sure that all athletes are in the warm-up room at least 20 minutes before the start of their competition so that an Official can line everyone up in order of introduction.

Flow of Competition:

Each athlete receives three attempts in each lift with the overall champion being crowned, by adding the best lift from each to reach a combined result (Total). First the Snatch is contested and once all attempts are completed, there is a 5 minute break so the athletes can prepare for the Clean & Jerk.

The barbell is loaded progressively and attempts are taken by the lifters in the order of progression of the weight and the order of lifting. A Lot Number is assigned prior to the Official Weigh-In, which determines the Weigh-In and Lifting order. The athletes are called upon individually by a speaker (Announcer) to perform the attempts and they have one minute (two minutes if following themselves) to start the lift. The barbell must pass the knees before time runs out. If the time runs out and the barbell has not passed the knees, then this is judged as “No Lift”. Three Referees judge each lift and give a decision, white for “Good Lift” and red for “No Lift”.

In both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, once the weight is lifted the athlete must wait until the referee gives the down signal to lower the weight. At least two out of three Referees must judge it as a “Good Lift” to have the lift count. Electronic Referee Light Systems are used for judging and two out of the three Referees decisions must be the same for the athlete to receive the audible “Down Signal”. Second and third attempts can be increased by any amount with the minimum being 1kg.
When a lifter fails to complete one good lift in either the Snatch or the Clean & Jerk, this is considered a “Bomb Out” and the lifter receives a zero result in Total. In the case of identical results, the athlete with the lighter bodyweight will receive the higher ranking. If by chance the bodyweight and the result are the same, the athlete who performs the result first, receives the higher ranking.
If any Crossfit team is not comfortable in regards to how a competition is run then BCWA will try to provide an experienced coach/athlete to assist in the coaching of their athletes. Please let us know if assistance is required ahead of time.


Registration Cost

$70.00 – Early registration before Jan 1, 2012

$85.00 – Late registration after Jan 1, 2012.

Registration closes January 28th, 2012.