New Year’s Resolutions 2011 – Make them and Keep them!

Happy New Year Overdrivers!!

Looking ahead to 2011, many of us have made resolutions to get better at the things that we are not so good at. Whether it be physical goals, personal goals, career goals, or relationship goals, we need to make a plan and follow it to realize our goals.

Making a New Year’s resolution and keeping a New Year’s resolution are two very different things. People embrace the change of the seasons and the year by following the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that many people make them and almost as many people fail to keep them. Resolutions require the embrace of genuine change and take genuine effort to make them a reality.

There are some simple things that people can do to help keep their resolutions and accomplishing their personal goals for the New Year. Here are a few tips on accomplishing resolutions.

Start with Realistic Thinking

Being realistic can be difficult when people have a great deal they want to accomplish and this seems especially true during the holiday season. The holiday season tends to create an idealistic mindset for most people. Often when individuals make New Year’s resolutions, many are still intoxicated with the wonder of Christmas. Resolutions often find their basis in nothing more than idealistic thinking and unrealistic daydreams that people desire to come true. Sadly, this kind of thinking leads people to the dilemma of disappointment and failure.

Start the pursuit of New Year’s resolutions with some realistic thinking. It is highly unlikely that someone is going to instantly quit smoking without a struggle or that someone will lose thirty pounds in three weeks. The reality is that people need to embrace the spirit of change with a realistic understanding of what is and is not possible.

Establish Realistic Goals

Making a resolution without having goals to meet the resolution will likely fail. People often make resolutions with good intentions and then do nothing to make them happen. With New Year resolutions, people are expressing a desire to experience personal change. Often many forget that change never happens merely by chance. Change happens by the matter of choice. People choose to change by setting goals and working to accomplish them. Taking the time to set specific goals will make the various resolutions easier to accomplish.

Create a realistic plan

A set of goals without a plan of action is nothing more than a daydream. Resolutions do not happen overnight. Resolutions take hard work and painstaking efforts to make them a reality. Another key to setting goals is establishing a realistic plan of achievement. Making a plan will make the accomplishing of resolutions much more likely. Developing a series of action steps to work through will allow the person to be more able to accomplish work. Be realistic with what is possible and set a real timeframe for accomplishing goals.

New Year’s resolutions must begin with something that is real and be founded in the realistic. New Year’s resolutions are much more likely to happen when people begin with realistic thinking. Resolutions are easier to accomplish with realistic goals. Resolutions are accomplished through an active plan that lays out steps and ways to make the goals possible. Taking the time to plan out resolutions allows them to become possible and achievable.