FORM CREEP(courtesy CF Ventura)

When you perform a movement over and over again, there are two possible outcomes:

1.) You don’t focus and you allow “form creep” to take place. When you perform a movement without focusing, your body will naturally creep away from perfect form¬†(hence the name “form creep”) and over many repetitions your body will adapt this less efficient movement pattern as your default movement. Over time, your technique and efficiency can become worse over time, especially during workouts when fatigue shuts down your focus and your body’s default movement pattern starts coming out.

2.) You focus and try to make each repetition as efficient as possible. Now, not only are you getting better at the movement, but over lots and lots of focused repetitions, your body will adapt good technique as you default movement pattern. What that means for you is that you will be able to sustain efficient technique even while you become fatigued during workouts. And that can make a huge difference in your output.

Consider this: during a 500m row for a warm-up, the average person gets 45-60 strokes in on the rower. How many times have you performed a 500m row…100? If you’ve done this 100 times, you’ve had over 4,500 chances to focus and reinforce good movement habits. Don’t let those precious repetitions go to waste and let “form creep” to take over!