Tech : Muscle-up progressions
So far this month, we have seen great progress on muscle-ups and have added a few new faces to the muscle-up club! Keep up the good work and get yourselves up on those rings!

Strength : Bench Press(week 2)
1. 70% RM x 3
2. 80% RM x 3
3. 90% RM x 3+(max reps until failure)
*Add another 5 lbs to your previous 1 RM

WOD : Ladder 1-6-1 reps of
A. Barbell – Deadlift, Hang Power Clean, Front Squat, Thruster, 135/85
B. Gymnastics – Burpee, Pull-Up, Toe to Bar
C. Kettlebell – Swing, Snatch L & R 24/16 kg
*Students will begin ladder with 1 rep of each exercise in A, then 1 rep of each of B, then 1 of C. Continue with 2 reps of each of A, then B, then C, so on, etc.