COACH G’S Weekly Blog

Dear Overdrivers,
So it seems I have started something of a trend of Overdrive Coaches writing blogs. For those eagle-eyed amongst you, yes, it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. I thought I would give Coaches Herbie and Marco a chance in the spotlight. But having seen their blogs and the lack of comic anecdotes I thought I would post another one and give my fellow Overdrivers what they have been missing… laughs.
Now as you all know the end of the Paleo challenge is upon us, well for me the challenge ended the day it started, but the time has come to drink lots of coffee and breathe in as we will be taking measurements on Tuesday to see who the Paleo champ is!!! My money is on Hisham, considering he was bigger to start with! I also want to say congratulations to Vanessa, Wesley and Hisham. I think they were the only Overdrivers to stay strict on the diet, oh wait, Wesley actually fell off the wagon while in Atlanta didn’t you Wes???? Vanessa has been reaping the rewards of the challenge (check out her abs everybody…wow!) We will be celebrating the end of the challenge with a huge chow down at Boston Pizza on Tuesday evening, everyone is welcome, so it doesn’t matter if you didn’t complete the challenge, come and join us and share stories on how drastically you failed. I’ll buy a dessert for the person with the best story!!!!
Anyway guys this week’s blog is going to be a short one, mainly because I can’t think of much to write this evening. I’ve got writers block.

Quote of the week:

“If you can keep your head whilst others are losing theirs, then you have probably misjudged the situation!”

Until next time Overdrivers,

Happy Crossfitting

Coach G.